Patch 1.03 Release Notes


- Friendly penguin will always show directions to build wall and go to next area

- Friendly penguins no longer refuse to do anything after teleporting to second area.

- Friendly penguins now destroy the current resource they are holding to start building the appropriate resource per phase.

- Friendly penguins now form a  line and not a chaotic carousel when handing you items.

- Enemy in tutorial fades in and out of irradiated. The slowing down time mechanic should make sense now.


- First & second waves better represent our intentions on difficulty (More enemies & slightly more challenging)

- Enemy penguins no longer flash when changing into irradiated form while slowing down. They fade in and out.

- PFX on snowball shouldn't play when switching hands anymore.

- SFX has been adjusted to make other SFX blend and pop out better than before.

- Fade on teleport transition is no longer jarring (in your view) and looks slightly better.

- Font size on credits are bigger and easier to read.


Plutonic_Penguins1_03.exe 22 MB
Nov 24, 2017

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